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10th March 2019

“Man Flu Dog”

Oh dear! Our beautiful, 65 kilo American Akita, Barney T. Rubble,  has serious “flu”!

Not just any flu, according to Tony, my husband, but ”serious man flu”!

Nikolas, Barney’s vet, agrees that our doggy has a cold but that’s not enough for the males in my life and Barney has to have flu! that said, his blocked up nose could rise an elephant with a blocked up trunk and Barney has been sneezing and coughing enough to make me really worry about him – but he’s okay and just needs meds.

Like males everywhere, (Yes a generalist and apologies for it !), Barney has THE WORST COLD OF ALL MALE DOGS EVERYWHERE  – and, in reality, he has the sniffles and is under the weather….

Actually, I love when the two males in my life need me: normally, they are too independent and too interested in their stuff to be interested in mine, so with Barney being poorly and Tony being under the weather too, I’m in BIG charge and will sort them both out BUT they’ll pay dearly!

Category: Cyprus Villas News