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3rd March 2011

male, female or neuter?

Am seriously worried about one of our team now. Having learned last night at Greek class, about the importance of differentiating between male, female or neuter words, I’ve had to explain it all again today to samantha – only in a “birds and bees” type way……..
Well, “cat” way really…..
Let me explain. Sam took a friends cat to the vet for its second injection and asked the vet to look at the (male) cats mole, which was growing on his chest and where all the hair had fallen off….
The vet duly turned the cat over – and revealed the “mole” – one of its 8 nipples!
Sam was horrified: she didn’t know male cats have nipples too – and the vet hasn’t stopped laughing!

I think I better sit Andy, Sams partner, down and have a serious talk with him about how we can help her. If she sees him with his shirt off, he’s likely to be rushed to the hospital!

Category: Cyprus Villas News