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1st January 2010

Making Molly-Mou”s home….

Molly Mou is growing up. Aged 4 now, I’m convinced she’s planning to leave home anytime now! Having “chosen ” us just over 2.5 years ago, I think she’s either planning on another move or is contemplating a life in the villa management industry!

Let me explain:

We were travelling behind a car one night, going through the Pikni Forest en route to Kathikas, when we saw Molly and another little dog, thrown onto the road. It was so dark, we couldn’t find her and the forest is pretty thick, so we stood no chance at all of being able to see anything in the night. Reluctantly, we had to leave her…….

Five days later, a little scraggy bundle of very poorly dog, turned up at our poolside and there began one of the greatest people/animal love stories there will ever be! This little dog, named Molly Mou by us, is the most loving, adorable, fun and cuddly animal I’ve ever met – and trust me, we’ve met and house/d many!!

Anyway, for a while after moving in, Molly stole things: she had a collection of stuff under her blanket which included toothpaste, lipstick, cheque book and paint brush. I was convinced she was sending parcels to her family on the hill somewhere!

Now happily settled with us, and even forgiving us for the appearance of Jake, Molly has begun to take a very keen interest in cleaning: when I get out a duster or brush, she’s there. Any “Febreze ” sessions, are closely monitored by her little face and scrubbing the bath has her on her back legs trying to peer into the activity!

This morning, I’ve been trying to sort out our house and cannot get anything done because of her. She is stealing the cloth, nuzzling the brush and generally having a ball “helping me”!

Maybe she is growing up now and ready to leave home and set up on her own? I hope not: life wouldn’t the same without her!

Category: Cyprus Villas News