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29th June 2014

making memories

Holidays are all about making memories which keep you warm in  your soul when the cold nights creep in and life does its ‘difficult’ things. Here at, our team appreciate that very much and try very hard to help make the memories even more special.  For example, as I’m blogging, Emma is out getting a huge big chocolate cake, a gift from us, to leave in the fridge in a villa for customers of ours, who holiday with us year in, year out.

We try to note birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries and times that are special  knowing that ALL of a holiday is precious and special.

This morning, I’m having a ‘mini holiday’ at home till work begins. I’ve using our ‘staying in stairs’ rather than the ‘going out ones’ which lead straight to the gate, more steps and my car. The steps on the left of the Thinking Step, make me feel happy, safe in the knowledge that I’m at home, safe and with Tony and our furry family. The steps on the right, also make me feel happy – but a different kind of happy: the knowledge that we’re working hard, have wonderful people to welcome to lovely villas – and many who we welcome back as friends, as they’ve been with us in a rented holiday villa, so many times before.

If you’d like us to help you make some happy holiday memories, email to me on and Ill share August last minute availability offers with you.

Now forgive me sharing a very special memory with you: a photo which shows Molly Mou and Charlie cat, who are sleeping here near me – but also shows my precious Alfie dog and Jake, our first beautiful Akita: miss them so very much but know they are looking after us and ‘influencing’ Barney T Rubble (though he doesn’t want the ASBO you were famous for Jake)! all of them