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14th March 2021

Making memories…

Isn’t it funny how ‘things” remind you of places or people or moments?

I was just getting dressed and was pulling on a favourite old , heavy shirt that I bought a million years ago in Edinburgh – and I was back in a pub in Yorkshire, talking to Graham, an old friend of ours who always wanted to steal this shirt! (Don’t worry: it’s unisex despite it’s lilac colour!).

I cannot even iron it without remembering the pub and the people back in the village where we lived so many years ago.

There was also a house set back off the A19, that I passed on a daily basis when I was working back in UK – and it was the Knickers house! I suspect the owners would have been displeased for their mini mansion to be known in this way but I was admiring it the first time I noticed it as a debate came onto the radio, about shapes and sizes of knickers! So the link stuck!

Am trying to break the chain of thoughts but cannot. For example, when I get out of the shower and put body lotion on, I hear the very beautiful American actress, talking of the power of h-y-u-r-l-u-r-o-n-i-c acid – and expect an immediate skin miracle.

Brains work in mysterious ways ! I know that thinking about past holidays brings a lot of smiles, inspires hope – and probably, right now, a little frustration but it will all come right again.

Am just off to walk past the rock pools, off the coast near  Paphos Castle and I’ll be transported back to Seahouses and a very happy holiday spent with my Nanna and sisters, many , many years ago….

Recollections may vary for many but real, special memories are worth every thought !

And there are many more to make!

have a lovely Sunday x (photo is of my kitchen – it makes me happy though my cooking leaves Tony remembering what a great cook his Mum was!).