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28th April 2017

making friends

The photo below, is of Molly dogs new friend, Izzy Lizard, who seems to be attached to the coping stones at the side of our pool! Molly keeps walking past him and he just stays still and watches her very closely.

She”s been up close to him and all he did was turn his head. She sniffed and he blinked – hardly earth shattering stuff but very cute to watch! Of course, I”ve had to keep Barney T Rubble out of the way.’He would be very interested in Izzy but I don’t think Izzy would like to be ”dog handled” by a big silly, 63 kilo puppy!

It looks to me like Izzy may have met Harry Cat as her tail is off and she seems a little shaken up. Someone told me that the tail of a lizard does grow back but it must be very painful to lose the tail in the first place. I think I’ll just try to keep both of the dogs out of the way until this pretty little tail-less creature has rested and goes on her way……

If you’d like to come and make new friends here in Peyia or Coral Bay and are thinking of renting a villa or apartment , please email to me on I’ll also update you on the tale of Izzy  too!

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