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10th June 2021

Making a point?

I was lucky enough to be called into Paphos today, to have my second vaccination.

The whole issue of Covid handling here in Cyprus, has been undertaken really well – and the call to be vaccinated is simply one of the processes for which the Government need to be applauded.

Arriving at the centre, I was a little taken aback to see a huge crowd of people, many of whom weren’t respecting social distancing but most of the crowd were wearing masks.

Not unexpectedly, the British amongst us were polite and waiting quietly for their name to be called while some of the Cypriots were hurrying straight to the front and demanding to know why they had to wait  and when their turn would come.

It was fun people watching – and very interesting to hear the names being called: the many , poetic sounding Cypriot names mixed with British, some Chinese and many Russian. The young nurse, handling this, did a great job!

When my turn came and I was taken to wait outside of the actual vaccination booth with 4 other people, I almost laughed out loud at the poster, positioned about the curtain screening the vaccination room.

Along with , ”please wear a mask”; ”please keep a distance” etc were two wonderful instructions for those entering the booth: ”Please don’t hug me” and ”No kissing – it’s dangerous”!……

Now I was pleased to get my vaccination and know I won’t be alone in this – it feels safer somehow – but , call me British and uptight, but I had absolutely no intention or desire to hug or kiss the nurses who were giving the jabs!

Maybe some of my fellow countrymen of all nationalities who live here, feel more passionate about the moment than I – but really? It was funny.

Of course, even a formal handshake to say thank you, wasn’t allowed either – but I hope the behind the mask smile and verbal ”thanks” did the trick!

(Am thinking of copying this sign and placing it at home LOL)

Happy days – and another step towards a safer future, god willing! (photo below is on someone I  dearly wish was still here to cuddle but hope he’s having fun in the heavens). X

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