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1st January 2010

Making a date for 08!

I’ve had great fun today: I got our 08 calendar out and began to put in all of the birthdays, family occasions, celebrations and dates of visitors coming to our home – and the calendar is almost full!

January to December, the year is filled with causes for sharing a glass or two with loved ones – and some unexpected great times too!

As the day has gone on, other things have cropped up which were unexpected but very welcome. An example is that Tony went on a cookery course in November 07 and spent the day with 3 other people, learning the secrets of some wonderful recipes. The partners were invited to lunch to enjoy the spoils – and it was great fun; not least because the other three chefs and their partners were totally lovely people!

Tony and I sat with Britta and Sven – and it was great fun! Living here really opens up opportunities to meet the nicest people from all over the world, who we’d never meet doing “normal things” in the UK. Its so refreshing to learn about other peoples lives; “peer” into their world and get a feel for other ways of doing things.

Britta and Sven are lovely! It was such a pleasure to share the whole experience with them both – so when they emailed today to wish us Happy New Year, it seemed the perfect time to arrange to meet them in Peyia when they are over in Cyprus again in November – and Sven and I even organised to put Britta and Tonys cooking skills to the test again! Just to help them both out of course! Having invested in the cookery day, they shouldn’t waste their skills, so we felt it was our duty to give them another chance to cook for us both.

Now November has the addition of two welcome dates too! Not that I’m wishing the year away but the profiteroles were lovely!…….

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