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29th April 2018


Max, aged 5, one of our wonderful Great Nephews, arrived last night with his beautiful sister ,  Lily 10 and his Mum and Dad, Jessica and Andy.

Very excited, Max was keen to , ”see the Universe” from the balcony upstairs. He loves the sky and the stars and was delighted that it was a clear night so he could watch in amazement.

Coming to tell us what he’d seen, I commented, “‘it’s magic, isn’t it?””

“Nooo,” came the reply. “”don’t be silly Aunty Lyndiloo – only Transformers and Ninjas are magic!””.

Well, all I can say is, it’s magic sitting by the pool this morning, listening to the children playing in the water, giggling with their parents in a moment of , not a care in the world.

Holidays and time together are precious. Something I’m relearning today. Just wish our grandchildren were here too.

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