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1st January 2010

Lynsays and lies-in…………

Today has been a “one”. We did our final checkin at 3am this morning then slept the sleep of a thousand alarm clocks between getting back to bed and Lyndsay, Jakes lovely trainor, arriving to “charm him”.

And she did a great job. My beautiful big silly puppy sat, left, lay down and positively excelled at everything he was asked/taught. Lyndsay was delighted and so were we. Even Charlie cat got off lightly when, bringing a bird snack home, Jake tried to get it, remembered his “manners” and just shouted a lot in frustration instead.

Between todays checkins, I thought that Jake had been SO good, I’d take he, Alfie and Molly to the beach for a good long run – helped by my friend Ina, whose shop closes at 1pm and who was happy to help.

Oh, what a plan!

Oh, what a near disaster!

Turns out Jake is only charming for Lyndsay; delights in pulling me over; loves other dogs so much, he wants to go with them, not us – and wouldn’t stay in the car, trying twice to throw himself out of the window onto the road. I’m totally and utterly shattered!

As I didn’t get my lie in, I’ve had a long hot bath, come down all relaxed and smiled sweetly at my sleeping animals: Jake took this as a growl and promptly started jumping all over me (did I mention he’d pee’d on his paws?) and pushed me off my chair…………..

Lyndsay is back tomorrow and we’re going to have words: I’m thinking ones like:”Would you like Jake to stay with you for a while?”, ” What are you doing tomorrow afternoon and will you walk with us on the beach – but you hold Jake?”

Still, gotta be calm now: am about to get dressed to go and welcome some lucky holidaymakers here to a villa in Peyia and others to one in Coral Bay. Must remember to not encourage them to walk where I do: would be very embarrassing and ruin my image!!

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