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3rd October 2019

Lucky for some but not others!

Cyprus has the most lovely weather in October!

Gorgeous , pale pink sunrise, gives way to a gentle warmth before the sun bursts through and sunbeds are out and people are throwing themselves in their swimming pools! The days then get very hot, until the sun slips away through a deep pinky/orangey sky and night comes in…’s just lovely!

It’s one of Barney and my, favourite times of the year. With the heavy heat of August behind us, Barney and I can enjoy our daily walks again, without having to worry about how hot his paws get or how heavily we are both breathing in the heat!

This morning was particularly lovely. We got up. Got dressed , (me); got lead and collar on, (Barney), then got ourselves carefully out of the house, past the hilltop gang who were enjoying the salmon I didn’t cook for Tony and I last night… was all going well…..until, on the corner where our only neighbour is, Barney decided to dump.

Not just dump but offload probably what amounted to a very bad tummy from a very greedy dog. I had the ”poo bag” of course , industrial size as always but wasn’t prepared for the size , shape, (horseshoe) and slow care with which this deposit was being made! And Barney stared at our neighbour, who was equally shocked, the whole way through the episode! Talk about being embarrassed!

After a lot of too-ing and fro-ing, all was well in paradise again. I did my duty and removed the offending horseshoe present, then continued on the walk with Barney, waiting until I saw our neighbour go back into her house  before I ventured back down the hill!

I’d like to think he was wishing her luck but I’m not sure!!

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