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27th December 2014

lucky bamboo….

The Great Raymondodoulou and Susie Floozy were here with me, chatting about this and that, both prostrate on the bed beside me: not to keep me company, you understand, just coz this is what we all do! (no photos of that).

Anyway, TGR was asking me if I’d seen the Lucky Bamboo which is now being sold in abundance in the Peyia area, in a small salute to our Chinese friends who now live in the village. “Of course I have”, I said to TRG, “Just look in this bathroom and the lounge upstairs, we’ve got loads of it”…

Looking at me very strangely, assessing the fact I’m in a spinal brace, have an op to look forward to on the 3oth and cannot drink due to many drugs I have to take, The Great Raymondodoulou looked at Susie F and said, “Its obviously not that lucky. we won’t get any”.

He has a point!

What is lucky for YOU, is the extra special new year deal we can offer on holiday villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia. Email to Emma or I on and we’ll tell you more!

photo lucky bamboo