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2nd April 2014

“Loving what is”…

No, the title isn’t from me, its a book I have been reading to try to ‘help’ me through the day to day challenges which life brings to all of us – but a book which Barney T Rubble took a fancy too and ‘stole’ from me. He ‘reads’ it every night before he gets hiccups and goes to sleep and he took it to the dog charm school with him, where the other doggies assumed Barney was a ‘guru’ and hung on his every word, not knowing he was just repeating what he’d read in the book………………….anyway……..

I’m supposed to write happy things about gorgeous villas but am feeling very ‘world weary’: don’t get me wrong: we’ve got the best value villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia: the owners are fab and provide as best they can and our team are fab and keep the villas and pools beautiful but in the day to day world, like the rest of the universe, life brings its challenges and pains – and the past couple of months have been filled with them. From bereavements to illnesses, things are ‘real’ around us – but we know we are simply ‘walking the path of life” and are grateful for the experiences, however painful………………………..BUT I digress: I’ve just gone to challenge Barney to give up his book and he’s let me talk one page which he’s just ripped off. I’ve looked at it and its a passage about ‘surrender’ by Dr Wayne W. Dyer……….in essence it says, that we are all in this together: new lives come; lives are taken; illness happens and pain occurs but nothing is personal or ‘meant’ on an individual basis. He writes, ‘just surrender and accept and grieve’…………….

When I grow up, I wish to be wise, forgiving, accepting and more loving of everything and everyone……..Today, I just want to hold those around me who I love and who are suffering and tell them its all going to be alright – but I know it wont be alright for a whole while YET my heart tells me it will be alright for all of us in the universe sometime……….

Why does making sure rental villa holidays are so right, matter to me and my team? Because we are human and real and hurt/suffer/work/worry in the same measures as our fellow man, though in different quantities depending on our environments. People matter – and their trust in us as a holiday company, matters very much. If a holiday can ‘lift the world off their shoulders’ for a while, lets do it!