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15th December 2014

Lovely to look at!

Thought you’d like the photo of some of the ‘rock people’ who live in the sea off the craggy coast where we walk with our dogs. When Charlotte, our youngest god daughter, was very small, around 5 or 6 years, we’d walk along here with her and tell her stories about ‘the rock people’ and show her where they go to school, where they play and where they sleep. She loved these ‘characters’.

Yesterday, her ‘friends’ were definitely enjoying the ebb and flow of the blue waves as they playfully threw themselves at the rocks. Barney wanted to be in with the rocks but Molly was nonplussed.

Its another beautiful day here in Coral Bay and Peyia. With temperatures around 24 degrees and clear blue skies, I think we’ll be paying another visit to these rock people before making dinner this evening! Would seem rude not to!

Come and have a look at this coastline: its like the Northumberland coastline meets the lake district in terms of sea to hillside views. Memorable and very healing. Email to me at or and I’ll tell you more stories about the rocks – especially about how they choose to come to where they now live!

photo rocky area on walk IMG_1341 rocks at seafront