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1st January 2010

lovely things and sad things…..

Sorry I haven’t felt much like blogging for a couple of days. My Mum is quite poorly and will go back to hospital on Friday for biopsies: I’m flying back Sunday so I can be with her on Tuesday for her results – but it feels like “too little, too late”…….though she’d have punched me if I’d gone earlier and she is very scary!

Anyway, will be back in the UK for a few days and am looking forward to seeing Mum, helping my baby sis who has been doing all the work of helping mum and helping Mum who is still caring for Jamesy, aged 86 and a “fire engine”… (joking is a survival thing )……

I was lying awake very early this morning thinking about the day ahead, the checkins at the lovely Villa Melanie and Chadis’ Villa and the world in general. I lie: I was thinking about my mum. Charlie cat was asleep on the floor next to Molly: Charlie was dreaming and “talking” in his sleep which made my smile. Molly was running in her dreams and hitting Charlie with her front paws, so he was probably dreaming, “get off me”…

I got up and put on the computer to read FAB news: beautiful Lesley is getting stronger and responding to her new treatment; the Lovely Bob and Caz sent wishes to me for my mum – and so many people had sent a thought to me for my mum, it all suddenly made sense.

We’re all in this together: sun or hail, rain or shine, this is a sharing life and I’m so pleased to be able to “talk ” online like this to wonderful people.

Here’s to good news from YUK on Tuesday and many happy returns for the gorgeous guests we welcome and wave goodbye too.

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