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1st January 2010

Lovely Sunday!

We went for lunch yesterday with The Great Raymondodoulou and Susie, to Arousas new “sunday roast occasion”. Food was lovely and the conpany was great.

Susie made us laugh but I’ve promised not to tell you -however…..she was asked to choose where to go for a long weekend and couldn’t make her mind up between Lebanon and Beirut……….

No, I didn’t get it as first either. But then again, I asked tony is Croatia was the new Yugoslavia….

Luckily its not far from home to the office so I don’t stand much chance of getting lost – and Sue stays put after a certain time of day so should be safe in her own place too!!

Great day, fab friends and Susie even helped me with a checkin , in a villa in Coral Bay.

Category: Cyprus Villas News