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1st January 2010

lovely few days

Well, I had a great birthday. Thank you for the many cards and emails – and no, I’m not telling you how old I am! Does it matter? Only when I wake up and my face doesn’t………..but thats my problem!

On Thursday, I went to the Elysium Spa to use the gift that the lovely Lyn and Paul Gent had given to me. I spent a blissful couple of hours having a back massage then reflexology, then got talking, as you do, to the beautiful young girl who did the reflexology. She was from Athens but studied in Shanghai and was telling me about Chinese Medicine and how the medical profession in China work with holistic therapists . It was fascinating and I wish we did more of this across Europe.

Fundamentally, I think we’d all feel better just getting hugged more. I miss Jake so very much, not least the cuddles we shared on The Thinking Step. Snuggling up to my whole family, furry or otherwise, always makes me feel better. I figure a hug a day should be compulsory – and would be great fun to watch in the likes of Philippos Supermarket where some of the strangest looking tourists I’ve ever seen in my life, mingle with the hairiest local ladies on the island…..

On the latter, I’m becoming one of them…..Its the sun and age. So how old am I? Old enough to be battling chin hair………….and they say its not a glamorous life!

have a great day x

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