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1st January 2010

Lost in translation

Cypriot is a very difficult language to learn. Tony and I are going back to school in January to try to master what has so far, been totally illusive.

We’re lazy because the Cypriots speak great English – though their spelling and translation leave a little to be desired. Three of my favourite translation mistakes are:

1 Main clothes shop trying to promote value , had the line, “Clothes for women at a price!”

2 One of our favourite restaurants in Coral Bay, proudly states on its Christmas menu, “Fresh Staffing with Roast Turkey Xmas dinners”

but the best is a beautiful house, just along the coast towards Paphos which bears a sign which should read, “Alexander the Great” but “Great” is spelt, “Grate”, so the house is known as “Alexander the Fireplace”……

I’m no better: I went to our local taverna and tried to book a bank for 4 people at 8o’clock! “Trapeza” is bank and “trapeze” is table – got a bit mixed up!!

C’est le vie or “Hokey Cokey”, as one of our Cypriot friends loves to say, thinking he’s cracked great english and is now one of the lads!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News