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1st January 2010

Losing a mind? I don’t think so!

Its been a while since I wrote about The Wrinklies so I thought I’d give you a quick update. My Mum, George the Dragon, is doing well though is currently under medical supervision for taking too much water in her gin – but thats not terminal. She’ll use smaller ice cubes
James, who thinks he is a fire engine, was found going into the shower the other morning, about to climb in beside my middle sister, who is 47 and beautiful – and Jamesy was grinning and saying, ‘Hello Darling’…….and they think he has Alzeimers!

Alfie, who is akin to Jamesy age though in doggie years, has taken to shouting for his breakfast. Now you need to know Alf to know how out of character this is. Alfie is a gentleman. Calm, collected and quiet – till recently when he seems to take great pleasure in making as much noise as possible while I’m preparing his breakfast.

Tony thinks he does this, ‘because he can’..I think he may be ‘losing it’ a little and just wants to be heard. Molly thinks its a great game so joins in!

Jake, drugged to the ears and very laid back, just thinks the world is made of purple buttercups and couldnt care less, as long as he gets fed!

No wonder I drink! x

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