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10th April 2019

looking much better!

Well, Bodgit and Scrapit are at it again! My wonderful husband and Don, his friend of so many years, it’s just scary, are working hard in our home , attending to the (too) many jobs which are needed after the winter has ”done her thing”.

Day 4 and already, balustrades are gleaming white, an off colour white exterior wall is positively preening in the emerging sunshine, which reflects it’s glow and seems to make the wall ”seem” happier!

The pergola has been sanded, painted and varnished ; two broken chairs are fixed and the fence is  a ”work in progress”: it’s amazing.

I return home each evening to two happy but tired men, in need of good food, a few beers and some timeout – and that’s just me LOL! BUT as they do, the works have progressed from outside to inside.

Every room!

So from kitchen to guest bedroom, is now covered in dust/bits of sand paper/old brushes/ broken pots and the odd biscuit wrapper! And there are 4 more days to go! I suspect the exterior work will be excellent then the interior will need a WHOLE new approach! (Any of my friends who are reading this and feel up to coming over to helping, just let me know !!).

At least the villas and apartments are stunning, inside and out! All their works were completed in time for the season starting and the hot sunshine beginning, so if want to escape your chores and take a holiday, email to me for deals for late Spring, Summer or Autumn. . I’ll dust off my computer and get ready to reply to you!

Category: Cyprus Villas News