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1st January 2010

Looking lovely lizard….

On the wall behind our villa in Peyia, there is a large lizard who has lived there for a few weeks now. He seems to wait for us in the morning and, when we water the hanging baskets, he comes down the wall closer to us and drinks the water. He is very sweet.

Yesterday, I was concerned about him coz he seemed to have a ‘white rock’ on the back of his head and his head was bobbing up and down as if he was hurt. I moved closer to him, hoping he’d run up the wall and the rock would fall off – but it wasn’t a rock at all: it was a ‘ruffle’ of white prettiness, like feathers, that was framing his head and making him look very grand. I think it belonged to him and am worried that it might be something he ‘wears’ when he is courting……

What with the ruffle and the head bobbing, I’m a little worried that he may have been flirting with me ! Tony thinks that’s crazy but stopped short of saying, who would flirt with me! , with means the alternative is that the lizard is gay and likes Tony.

On a scale of one to ten, I can see the attraction and would vote Tony 11 but I am biased (and he is reading this!)…

Category: Cyprus Villas News