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1st January 2010

Longer or shorter sentences?

I’ve had some fun overnight. No, not like that! Charly, owner of Villa Lily May in Peyia and very good friend of mine, has been telling me that he thinks my sentences in the blogs are too long/disjointed and not flowing etc……….well, he didn’t actually say it like that but I’m a Virgo and take critique VERY personally, so thats how I’m understanding his comments!

“Course he’s right!

But do I care?

Not a jot!! I’m not the worlds best writer but I live on one of the worlds prettiest islands, so what do I care? I also have great fun writing the blogs and people watching to gather material for them, so I reckon my sentences are the least of my problems!

I can hear Charly grumbling as he’s reading this, saying, “thats not what I meant woman and you know it”…..but all I’ve got to say in response is, “CATS! Lots of them!”

Why? Well Charly isn’t a cat lover but a local kitty here has begun a love affair with Charlys villa and the guests and is being fed/loved regularly by the people. Even Charly, on his last visit here, couldn’t resist feeding the puss – so I may just welcome a few more into the garden, tee hee.

Or I could switch our alligance with some famous brand of oven chips, (Charly supplied the potatoes), to another, lessor known brand – but that would be cutting my nose off to spite my face!

No, I’ll just keep the sentences flowing; enjoy the banter with Charly and hold his plants to hostage in case he gets TOO personal with the daily offering of stuff and nonsense that becomes words on the blog.

My German teacher used to say, “There are some things up with which I will not put”……to try to teach us to understand the flow of German sentences. I thought funny that was -so may be able to double-annoy Charly by mixing up the too long sentences……..worth a shot!!

Tons of love to Charlyx

Category: Cyprus Villas News