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1st February 2013

lonely new year?

Poor Charlie cat. Gus, his best friend who lives next door, has gone away for 3 months coz his people have flown to Oz for the sunshine.
Every year this happens and every year, Charlie mooches about, looking lost and fighting lone battles with the feral cats on the hill
Normally, Gus helps the fight but, being an older, wiser cat, Gus is a good calming influence on Charlie and teaches his strategy rather than full on battle.

Best we get lots of cat creams and potions in ready for what I’m sure will be , many battle scars.

Course, I’m under no illusion that Charlie will also miss Debbies breakfasts just as much as he’ll miss Gus. Debbie is Gus’ mummy person and is very kind to Charlie – though I know he takes liberties with her hospitality.

We did offer for Gus to stay here but I think he is probably relishing the peace and quiet away from his not so young neighbour, Charlie the fighter cat!

Roll on April!

Category: Cyprus Villas News