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1st January 2010

Logo? Put it on the bill!

Our new shop/offices in Peyia are coming along well. Sort of.

The new windows are in – or most of them are: one was “upside down” or “inside out” or something , so had to be back to be remade. The woodwork is getting there – slowly – though today we found the joiner asleep in his van outside of the shop when he was supposed to be working………but,this is Cyprus and nothing happens as you think it might.

George, our friend and computer genius, is redoing /creating business forms for me , so we’ll look “posh” on the inside as well as on the outside (and have nice things to give to our villa guests)….but I’m having a little problem with George: think he is crazy eg

today, he has sent me an email to ask me for our logo. So far so good.

He didn’t like the way I sent it (by email? quietly and without hassle?!), so he wants it differently. In fact, he wants it to “quark”! I ask you!

I’ve explained to him that the disc I have with the logo on, doesn’t quack to the best of the knowledge but did make a funny “squeak noise” when Charlie cat tried to chew it………..George put the phone down.

Anyway, cannot stay to chat: I’ve got to Jpeg DAT PDF PDQ 2 George before he goes totally quarkers and I don’t get my forms.

Happy Bank Holiday! (Yes, it really is, even though its a Tuesday!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News