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7th January 2021

Lockdown? Shake your custard!

Here in the beautiful area of Peyia, near Paphos Cyprus, we’re enjoying early year sunshine and temperatures of around 22/23 degrees! In fact, we’ve enjoyed this sunshine all the way through Christmas and New Year! Yes, we know we are VERY lucky!

However, the temperature may be a little different to where you are but the problems are the same. We’re all waiting anxiously for an announcement by the Government here tomorrow, to advise on further lockdown measures. Currently, we’ve got curfew in place, many businesses closed and cannot visit another household – and we’re all expecting total lockdown for probably one month.

So what do you do? Make the best of it! Personally, I’ve no work other than to answer enquiries from worried holiday makers and equally worried villa owners but sadly, neither pay bills BUT I am confident that things are going to ease by May/June and we’ll be able to welcome holiday villa guests back to us, so in the meanwhile , I’m going to try to get fit!

Well, by fit, I mean , attempt to move – and at least move my Bingo Wings, if I can. Born into a wonderful though crazy Geordie family, I’m too keen on pastries, dumplings and bread and butter – and the 6 decades of food and lack of exercise, have certainly taken their toll! To say nothing of 6 operation on my spine, leaving me to enjoy (sorry, endure!), months of having to be still and careful LOL!

Anyway, goodbye Bingo Wings and hello slimmer upper arms I say! So I’m ”shaking my custard” or ”swaying the port” in the mornings!

Basically, the only weights I can find in the house, are either large tins of custard or heavier bottles of port – so am using them! Looks silly but is starting to work! (Note to self: do not make puddings requiring use of custard nor drink the port!).

Tony is trying hard too. Every morning, he goes on the exercise bike – normally wearing only socks and drawers or, even funnier, his Elf pajama bottoms! It’s all rock and roll at this end!

Still, it keeps us happy, hopefully a little healthier and , god willing, we’ll get fitter!

So WHEN we see each other in a few months time, remember to look closely at my arms! You won’t recognise them !!

Keep safe, keep well – and keep ‘shaking your custard” till we can meet again!