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11th October 2011

Lock up your husband!

Our bedroom in our villa in Peyia, is accessed either by the old part of the house up the wooden staircase or by the new part of the house, up the kamakaze staircase. We have a door on each side which we have to keep locked, to stop Jake and Alfie opening them and climbing into bed with us at night.

In the mornings, when I get up to make a cuppa and feed the dogs, I automatically lock whichever door I got out of: from the outside. Coming and going with tea and getting ready, the lock is opened and relocked, regularly

Sometimes, I forget that Tony is still in there and, er, go to work and leave him locked in our bedroom. I think its funny but Tony gets very annoyed with me when he has to ring me to get me to go home!
I placate him by saying, after almost 28 years together, he should be chuffed that I still want to lock him in the bedroom. Course I think I’m supposed to be in there with him, aren’t I?

Hey, ho!

Category: Cyprus Villas News