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1st January 2010

Local character

The local area of Peyia Municipality is filled with character: not just the buildings and history but also the people. Some, the old traditional Cypriot men and women, continue daily life as they have for generations: one, a farmer in his 80s, courts his wife on his tractor, stopping the traffic on the Peyia hill while he trundles down to the butchers, with his wife in the passenger seat!

Another, Kyriacos, father of Stephanos, who owns the Jail Pub, is known to many, particularly the ladies, for his flrtation, popcorn, need for cuddles and love of whisky. Now in his mid 70s, local men are queuing to apply for his “job” – ie looking after the very pretty tourist ladies who freqent his sons pub.

A local of irish decent, who part owns an English pub just outside of Peyia, is an Oliver Reid type character: joyful, full of life and very sociable, this great man regales those who go to his pub, with tall stories and, mainly, real life events.

My Mum and Jim called in to this mans pub yesterday and Mum noticed that the mans arms were covered in bruises and what looked like bites.

Asking what had happened, the man laughed and explained he’d bought a monkey from a Cypriot, who’d owned this monkey for 3 years but couldn’t now look after it. As the monkey had lived the first 3 years of its life in a Cypriot home, it didn’t “speak” or understand English, let alone Irish, so had taken to biting and attacking his new owner when the owner tried to get the monkey to play/hug.

The story continued that the man found a local monkey psychologist , (of which there are many – not – in the Peyia/Paphos area) and the monkey is now much happier and beginning to understand the owners mother tongue!

As the owner has a penchant for a few drinks, as do many of us, no doubt the monkey is also enjoying a small tipple at a certain time of the day too!

This story reminds me of another true story where a local farmer, in late 80s , was in hospital here, dying. His son was advised to bring the mans loved ones in to see him urgently – so he did. He was spotted exiting the 4th floor hospital lift with his fathers pet horse, who the man loved above anyone and who, his son argued, would be the one his father would most want to see……….

Its a great life!