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1st January 2010

Living under a cloud….

What a day! Checking out clients at 5am today, who were sensible enough to take the chance to fly to Athens, then to Barcelona, from where they will take the train to Paris, then back to UK, to a few minutes ago having to break the bad news that other guests are “stuck here” till at least Thursday………..who would have envisaged this?

There is a saying that “circumstances reveal the man” and without question, these past few days have revealed once again to us, what wonderful villa owners we have here in Coral Bay and Peyia. Not one of them has asked the guests for anything more to stay on in their villas or apartments – and all of them will incur the added eg electricity costs. Its very good of them but its exceptional circumstances and we’ve all got to pull together.

Were it not real, this would make a great movie eg one guest cannot get here to divorce her husband in Paphos, by Tuesday – then he leaves the island. Another has a HUGE exam at uni on Tuesday, and cannot get there. Some have spent their holiday fund and cannot afford to shop – so we are feeding them – and others are just looking forward to a few more days in the sun!

Without exception, the guests are being British and stoic – and I’m proud to help them!

Safety first of course but my heart goes out to anyone waiting to start a holiday…..time off is so precious!

Category: Cyprus Villas News