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23rd November 2016

Living the moments

There is something very special about the sunsets at this time of year. Coming in from work early evening, yesterday, I took a photo (below) of the sunset : totally beautiful! Seeing this stunning, natural happening, stopped me in my tracks and made me think for a few minutes about what the day had been about – and to be grateful to be home at the close of they day, to simply spend some time with Tony and the furry gang.

It’s so easy to rush through the days, months, years and not stop often enough to ”see’ what is happening and to wonder where time is going – but this sunset stopped me in my tracks and made me remember to be grateful for everything and to realise that there are things far greater and far more wonderful than our earthly brains /eyes can comprehend or see.

Of course, Tony thinks I’m crazy but I don’t care: I just feel lucky to be able to live here in Peyia, where nature, ‘wraps” the days and reminds me that every moment matters . It also makes me stop worrying QUITE so much , reminding me that whether I worry or not, what will be, will be: I’m not in charge as much as I think I am!

If you’d like to enjoy the moments here in the winter sunshine or prepare to spending springtime with us, email to me for best deals on villas and apartments, on Looking forward to hearing from you!


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