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17th November 2020

Living the dream!

I love living in Peyia, Cyprus. The village is a mix of old and new properties; local Cypriots and many expats of such diverse backgrounds, that is makes it interesting to simply potter about day to day, learning and living.

It must be very curious for the old Cypriots, whose village here was, not too many years ago, simply fields and banana groves…… Bring on the land sales and massive building revolution and suddenly there are new types of businesses/ many cars and bars/karaoke and things they probably hadn’t ever considered as being on the horizon.

Such is life!

Another thing that few of us would have considered, is this terrible virus and it’s impact worldwide…… It’s beyond words what has happened and a little unnerving thinking of what may lie ahead BUT the elders amongst us have come through so very much over their generations, we should look to them to learn how to live with dignity and the acceptance that THIS is the moment that matters – and learn to live it deeply and completely.

I miss seeing my family and friends so very much – and it’s frustrating not being able to plan the whens and the hows of us all getting together again but I know they are in my heart, as I am in theirs – and are each only a thought away – or Zoom on  good connection days!

It’s all okay. We can still smile, enjoy the sunsets, take courage and hope in each day and know that the Universe will provide. Of course, Man is helping too – and thank god for the brains and innovation blessed on those who will lead the cure but for now, we’ve got today. We’ve got choices and we’ve got love/hope/courage and grace.

Are we in a nightmare? Well, it’s not easy but in truth, we are living the dream and as dreams go, it’s just before the dawn of the new ”day” beginning; It’s just a bit of a curly time but we are all in this together.

It’s going to be okay because we’ll make it okay – standing side by side.


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