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3rd July 2013

living on the wall

As you wind down through the old part of the village of Peyia, through the tumble down houses and around tight bends, normally on roads filled with sheep or, lately, rabbits, you come across an old Cypriot man who lives on the wall of his ‘house’.

The wall is approx 3 metres tall and only .5 metre wide but he eats, sleeps and just sits there, day after day after day….

I’ve always felt a little sad for him till I asked about him and learned that he is of the ‘older Peyia’ community and perfectly comfortable with his ‘lot’. He has a family, some of whom live close by and others have gone overseas. He has friends and a comfortable 2 room
home which one of his older lady friends, keeps clean for him…..

Apparently, he was a farmer when he was young and he loves the outdoors ; so he prefers to sit in the fresh air and watch the world of his village, go by.

I’ve started to wave at him as I pass and he smiles a toothless smile back but doesn’t move from his spot.

A little like, ‘An Englishmans home is his castle’, this Cypriot mans wall is his treasure.

Good on him, we say!

Category: Cyprus Villas News