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1st January 2010

Living, breathing Peyia

Oh, how I love this village! Life is SOOOOO very easy – in the best of ways.

Take today: I’m feeling really unwell and needed to see a doctor – so its easy: drive to the village centre, walk into her office, be seen immediately, come out with a prescription and go next door to fulfill it!

Turn the corner and go to the florist (coz if you are unwell, the unwritten bit of your prescription says “buy self flowers and chocolate” ) and the florist says, “Ah, you are sad – have extra flowers, a free wooden butterfly and don’t have these lillies coz they are fragranced, have these ones instead………” )- then you pay next to nothing for the flowers ! (even less than that if Tony is reading!).

Then come home to sit on the thinking step and look at the coastline, which has the most wonderful healing properties and makes you feel better immediately. “Influence” husband to make a strong coffee and sit on the thinking step some more, looking at the view, the lovely village and the pretty hillsides and clifftops.

Then eat chocolate – lots of it!!

And then drive 2 mins back to Phillipos supermarket and buy MORE chocolate (~the purchase helps the local shopkeeper stay in business – oh, and the clothes designers coz the waist expands so bigger clothes are needed).

So, I love living here coz everything I have to do seems to put back to the local community eg paying doctor, buying and consuming chocolate (and wine! Lots of that too); drinking local type coffee and sitting on local stone.

Best we get a takeaway tonight from the local pizza place to , then we’ve done business in every street in the village – coz I’ve also picked up the dry cleaning!

Happy Saturday!

Category: Cyprus Villas News