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8th February 2013

Little voices and BIG trouble!

Whoops! I’m in big trouble!
Not my normal ‘being too sociable ‘ type of trouble but far more serious than that: I got Toms age wrong!!
He is EIGHT not 7 – and he’s rightly told me off!

The good news is that our wonderful family are staying longer than I thought too: they don’t leave till Friday 9th of August …..

We had great fun last night, spending an evening at Michaels (Peyia Tavern), where Charlotte impressively ate two huge pork chops and turned chips DOWN! Couldn’t believe it

Today, we are off to celebrate the wedding of Andy and Julie which is being held in Peyia Gardens, with reception at the Last Castle. Cannot wait!

Sending thoughts to Heather, one of our regular returning holiday villa customers who has just undergone massive surgery . Much love to her, David, Paula and Sam – and wishes for a very speedy recovery xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News