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1st January 2010

little pests with big humour…..

We’re having a few challenges with pigeons, many of whom seem to love our villas as much as our holiday makers do. To date, we’ve “treated” many of the rooftops with a system designed to stop these birds nesting

Some of the villas are clear, others still have a small army of brave birds who keep returning….

Last week, one of our very creative and funny villa owners was here: he decided that he had the solution: a mechanical cat, which goes on the roof and which, when it sense movement, starts “meowing” and running towards the birds to chase them……..sounded great!

As the owner, who shall remain nameless, was going back down his ladder having put the cat on the roof, the pigeons came and the cat rushed vigorously towards it. The pigeons loved it! One of them even jumped onto the cat and enjoyed the ride around the roof!

So, spikes dont work. Tonys 5ft one eyed owl didn’t do the job and now the mechanical cat has failed. They are either very clever or very stupid. No matter what we are trying, they come back for more………..

We’ve just discovered a very, VERY large rooftop water pistol…….watch this space!

Category: Cyprus Villas News