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20th November 2020

Little life stories…

When there is a little time to, ”look underneath” day to day things and step outside of worries/fears, there are some wonderfully, colourful stories and facts around!

Letting the smiles in, is so very important – yet so very hard to do somedays when the world feels heavy. I decided to go searching today for some fun today and found a couple of things online that really made me smile…

  1. Wife for Sale: allegedly, in the  16th and 17th Century, men in the UK were allowed to ”sell” their wives for a shilling each! If the wife was a good cook and seamstress, they could sell for 3 shillings! And the wives had nothing at all to say in the matter! (I’m now online seeing if , in the Med countries, there is a similar ”thing” to do with husbands for sale… this space!).
  2. Mouse hair eyebrows: I cannot be the only person in the universe, who thinks that tatooed eyebrows can look a little ‘strange” if not done professionally. Though I do think this is my age ie am out of touch! I laughed this morning when I learned that, back in the 16th century, men wanted, ”mouse hair” eyebrows and would pay many shillings to have these ”woven” into their own eyebrows……

So, to conclude, around the same time-ish in the UK history, men with mouse hair eyebrows, sold their wives for a shilling or two! Personally, I think I’d have PAID to leave such a person. After all, we want men not mice!

happy days!