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1st January 2010

Little boys…

Jordi had has 6th birthday party yesterday and I was lucky enough to be invited. His many friends and their mummies were there, helping with pool party, face painting and general mayhem. Mama, Jordis granny, stood on and watched carefully – and the whole thing was lovely…….

Its been so long since I was surrounded with many little ones and it was fascinating to watch. They were so serious in the handing over of carefully chosen pressies, each chosen so the giver could play with it coz it was his/her “favourite”…. It was all lovely and made me remember parties at home, which my beautiful Nanna held for my sister Maxine and I. With our birthdays over 3 consecutive days, Max, then Nanna then me, we always partied hard and long – with Aunty Katie on the piano. (Not sure that On Mother Kellys doorstep would have worked last night at Jordis do!)….

Today, Max William Simpson arrives here. The first born of George and Rebecca, who married from our home in Peyia 2 years ago, I just cannot wait to “squidge” this beautiful boy – though I know I’ll need to wrestle mummy and granny out of the way.

Two of todays checkins, to villas Melanie and Enjoy in Coral Bay, are those of our extended family with George, his family and his wonderful parents. I always look forward to welcoming people to Cyprus but today is EXTRA special!

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