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1st January 2010

Like mother, like daughter ……

Last night, my mum was “cooking” . She rang me late on in the evening to tell me that she thought there was “something strange” going on in the villa in Peyia next door to where she lives. As our clients are staying there, she thought she’d better let me know…….

“How strange?”, I asked – “Well darling (she is very posh!), they are putting things into the car AND they are getting in too. This morning, they’d done washing AND they’ve closed the blinds……….”

Oh dear: this was obviously one of the serious ‘we are going out for the evening because we’ve worked hard all day’ crimes! Better call the ‘going out police!’

I laughed , which annoyed my mum and I tried to explain that they were probably, just going out for the night – but she was adamant they were “doing a runner”…. (they are long term renters).

Life being what it is, we cannot check whether or not they’ve ‘run’ until their tenancy runs out – but all looked well when I called today to see Mum and collect the spoils of her cooking.

Sadly, there weren’t any: Mum had been baking earlier in the day and her gorgeous new little male near neighbours, had relieved her of the buns/scones and pies. Her ‘cooking’ was a code for finishing a bottle or two of wine whilst Jim, my step father, watched the TV….

Tony is out tonight doing an arrival then going to the pub to keep Ray company while Ray watches football, so I’m cooking. I’ve even bought cocoa powder, castor sugar AND I’ve got my Bero book out to refer to. A prized bottle of very good Pouille Fusse is now open (a birthday pressie to me from Fluzy Suzy) and I’m gonna cook!

If I remember, I may even bake too!

Category: Cyprus Villas News