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1st January 2010

Like father, like “son”?…..

Its not too many weeks now till Tony and Paul go to Dallas to take their instructors course for training in EU standard of pool cleaning. Now we’ve got the endorsement of Paphos Health Department and are the only company on the island of Cyprus to have all fully qualified pool cleaning staff, the next step ie becoming instructors, is a big one but vital to us as a business…..

We’re all being very supportive in our little family. Jake, particularly takes the whole measuring out and distributing of chemicals around the pool, very seriously. EG if Tony forgets to put the lids back on the large containers, Jake helps himself and throws the white powders everywhere then skids around the pool.

Today, jake has taken his next lesson: while Tonys back was turned, Jake took the hose from the pool cleaning hoover and began to run around the pool with it, knocking over everything in sight and not being the least effective in his hoovering or brushing techniques. He obviously needs a lot of training! Still, he’s enthusiastic, which is something.

Its strange that Jake choose to grab the hose: the only way I can get him to come into the house when he is playing, is by pretending to be a hosepipe, swishing water everywhere. he is so terrified by my hosepipe impression that he runs in!

thinking about it, a nearly half century woman running around pretending to be a hosepipe and making “sssswhisssh” noises, is VERY scary!….. poor dog! No wonder he’s trying to disguise himself as a pool operative and keep busy!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News