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1st January 2010

Like father, like daughter…..

My Dad was 70 yesterday. Happy Birthday Dad. He won’t like me telling you this because he believes he still looks great! Which, to be fair, he does – but don’t tell him!!

I was very sad not to be able to be with him in Newcastle upon Tyne to celebrate but I know he had a great day, filled with love, beer and jazz, if I know my Dad! I’ll be over in January to have a delayed celebration – onto which we’ll add the early celebrations for my “penaninda” birthday in Sept 2010!

During the day yesterday, I was thinking about what I’d inherited from my father and I think this list about covers it – or at least the bits I’ll admit to!:

– stubborness! ( a family trait – on Dads side!)

– the belief of “always being right”

– a thirst for knowledge and creative leaning, though my Dads is much more obvious and more developed than mine

– distrust of people: again, my Dad is worse than me and will tell anyone who’ll listen, that he doesn’t like people very much…… (yet he is very sociable!)

– square feet (sorry Dad)

– Baggy eyes! (developed very early in life – but hope mine still look as good as my Dads when I get to 70!)

– soft heart – but dont’ tell anyone!

– music: though our tastes are very , very different………

– cats: we’ve each currently got a ginger and white cat called Charlie……

There are probably many, many more things but that does for now. I owe my Dad a huge thank you for teaching me the importance of “being your own person”: I’ve learned from watching him and seeing him as a “full person” rather than just looking at him as my Dad.

I think he’s fantastic- but don’t tell him, will you? ………..

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