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4th June 2013

Lifes garden

I’ve been sitting in our garden on the hill in Peyia, taking in the many colours, textures, shapes and sizes of the trees, shrubs and flowers, when it suddenly hit me that a garden needs all kinds of things to make it beautiful just as the world needs all kinds of people to make it so beautiful……….

I know this is a known fact but the realisation hit me like a train: possibly because I’ve had a week of ‘different shapes/textures’ where people are concerned, in our office and in the villas. From complaints about a bucket being too small in one villa to not being able to watch UK TV AT THE SAME TIME as in UK, in another to listening to a great friend tell me how badly she’d been treated by an owner….its been both stressful and interesting….Luckily, there are lovely times too: Bob and Caz are on countdown to come and keep in touch; Heather and David will be back soon with the gorgeous Scarlett; Alison and her family have enjoyed a wonderful wedding in one of our villas………its really been a week full of life, from a to z – and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

Today, I’ve seen the poppies, which remind me of Cloudy, our precious cat who came here with us from England and who is now resting under the carob tree: she lost her battle for life just as the poppies bloomed a few years ago. I’m also thinking about the many good times and memories our home has built up over the years – in the same way the villas have, with happy guests coming and going as the years roll on….

I can feel the imprint of life in every one of them and believe the collective energies and love/smiles/tears/rows, make up the welcome and give the places life. In the same way that nature times the growth and sleep of her earthly blessings, the season blossoms and rests with the throng of interesting and challenging people, hurrying to find their days in the sunshine and leaving their mark on the Cyprus garden…

Its a beautiful day – and today I’m lucky enough to be able to spend it at home, contemplating the universe and getting stronger for the new harvest of happy guests arriving tomorrow in villas in Peyia and Coral Bay……..bring them on!…

Category: Cyprus Villas News