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1st January 2010

Lifes a beach!…..

I heard a very funny story today but I have to tell it to you in a scouse accent or it won’t werk!…… Here goes………

An English couple who live in Peyia, went to the beach at Currium two days ago. Its their favourite place and they take wine, food and books so they can spend the day chilling together.

Noticing something in the sand, the man said, “Eh! Look at that. I’ve never seen a pine cone on the beach before. There aren’t any pine trees near here are there?”….

“No, neither have I” replied his Mrs. “Look, there are more over there?……” (pointing to the sand around them to the left).

Just then, a man wearing waders and rubber gloves, walked along carrying two black bin liners, one of which was full.

“Are you picking up the pine cones”, asked our sunbathing man.

“No”, said the wader, “there are not cones, they are excrement”…..

“|Sh**?” said the sunbather.

“Yes, from small turtles”, replied the wader. “There have been 7 sacks full today”….

“I’m out of here”, said Mrs sunbather, “I don’t want to swim or sunbathe with Teartle Teards** around me……I’m out of here!”….

(** Try saying it in Scouse: works wonders and makes it even funnier!!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News