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28th October 2019

Life, worms and the weekend!

It’s bank holiday here , (again!) today and the sun is in the heavens after days of some pretty spectacular storms, which have interrupted wall to wall sunshine.

For Tony, the team and I, the day of the week doesn’t really matter: we work 7 days and many evenings during the height of the season: no complaint at all. It’s what we do but there are times when we need the laughs to help with the frustrations and tiredness!

With November in sight and the season drawing to a quiet close, we’ve still had a steady burst of holiday villa customers checking in. Half term has seen some wonderful families coming to villas in Peyia and Coral Bay – and some very interesting people from far flung countries, who are trying Cyprus for the first time. It’s really nice to meet everyone.

The weekend has been busy. From rescuing strangers on the road to Peyia, on Saturday, who were caught out in pouring rain and needed a lift – then turned out to be staying as part of the party I’d checked in a few days earlier! (They arrived late). To the ‘skydiving parasol” , which was picked up by a rare twister and deposited head first in a pool, it’s been interesting! Today has started with the , ”invasion of the worms”: guests arriving at a villa late yesterday, were invaded overnight by tiny garden worms, whose homes had been washed away by the rain and so they’d decided to climb into the pool!

The monthly Peyia market was a success with people happily milling around, looking at the  many stalls of souvenirs to paintings to candles to sweets  and so much more! Music sounded out across Peyia village throughout the day with many places opening daytime to celebrate the bank holiday weekend. The village was alive!

The biggest giggle has been trying to explain clocks back…… we are always 2 hours ahead of UK here but some guests didn’t ”get it” and turned the clocks back to UK time, then back an hour……………..this is why I drink LOL!

Still, it’s that start of a new week. Sun is in the heavens and guests are smiling in the sunshine, so all is good in paradise. And even if it storms, life will always be good here: even the challenging bits!

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