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2nd June 2020

Life Stuff!

Dear blog, well it’s been a busy old week! I’m sorry you’ve been neglected but in this strange time we are in , I’m swinging between thinking:

– no-one needs to know my nonsense

-or there MUST be news to share soon about travelling here…….

But here we are.

So, let me tell you some things I’ve learned this week! Well, if I were going on holiday and needed swimwear, how on earth would I sort out what bikini top size I am ? F, G, H , DD or just person? I honestly cannot fathom the online sites and take a risk over these! Must be an easier way! Doesn’t help that our tape measure is a metal one so doesn’t go around corners easily: so Tony would think he’s married to a porn star if the size I get when using this measure, is accurate! (And it’s not!).

Have also learned that I need window sills. Really! We don’t have them here in houses and I so love to put , ”stuff” on them eg plants, piccies – well , any stuff really! have been looking around our house and need the window designs changed!

My tummies have gone into hiding. Well numbers 2 and 3 have! Their big sister, number 4, is now overshadowing them with a will of her own and I don’t know how – though the lockdown grub and baking MAY account for some of this!

It’s all good! Suddenly Big Summer is arriving in Cyprus and the days are longer with the most beautiful evenings – but it’s so quiet!

We’re all safe. that’s the main thing but, do you know what, much as I get tired during the holiday season, I’m so looking forward to welcoming you all back here to Cyprus! Don’t worry, I’ll put a sign around my neck so you recognise ALL of me!

Keep safe. Keep well. Keep happy – and keep dreaming of Cyprus!

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