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15th August 2020

Life on the hill.

Huge bank holiday here today in Cyprus. The village of  Peyia and the Peyia area, including Coral Bay, is filled with Cypriot families partying and enjoying their beautiful island!

Normally, the tourists outnumber the locals but not this year – and it’s interesting to see!

Having organised the arrivals of the families coming into some of the lovely holiday villas I care for, I came home to chill and watch the world go by…. or so I thought!

The Hilltop Gang of Cats, led by Harry the Not-so-hairy, were waiting to greet me. And not only greet me but as soon as they’d been fed and Barney T Rubble, our gorgeous 65 kilo Akita, had gone back to his aircon unit, the gang decided it was ”cuddle time”.

Though three of the four cats are feral cats, Harry actually has a family. He is ”owned and loved by” Amanda, our neighbour on the hill. She’s made the mistake of loving 22 other cats and two German Shepherd puppies , so Harry is a bit put out.

So he tries to ”put it about” with me!

As soon as I feed the gang and sit down with a cuppa, Harry is all over me, cuddling me and nuzzling me and telling me how terrible his life is! He’s such a ”boy” that he comes to me with sticky buds all over his fur and waits for me to pull them out, which I do, happily and he purrs and nuzzles his way – till HE has had enough, then off he goes to his next female person!

Harry is a Cad. Without question. But he’s part of the hillside life and he’s cute and I’m totally under his spell. As are the three cats who follow him! Only Barney seems to get the measure of him!

Still, a little love is better than no love, isn’t it? Said ”mistresses”’everywhere whose loved ones gave out their best ONLY when present in the moment and not during the many hours they were distant!

Life on the hill in Peyia!

Luckily , the villas are loved fulltime and with constant care and attention! To book for winter sunshine or for 2021, email to