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19th July 2017

life on the ocean waves?

Oh dear, I may be doomed! There is a great article online this morning, about a couple who gave up living in a house, to live on a boat.

Apparently, they couldn’t afford the upkeep for their home, longterm – and as each were ageing and struggling with arthritis, they couldn’t imagine being able to walk up steps for the rest of their lives.

Please could everyone in the universe, delete this article from their computers NOW because it’s too close to home to be comfortable – and with a husband who is intent on finding any reason to live on a boat, this may just push him one step too far in his plans!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being on a boat. Blue Lagoon is gorgeous and there is nothing more peaceful than bobbing about on the water as the sunsets BUT the furries and I love our home; I love to be near our holiday villas and apartments – and there is plenty of room for family to come and stay with us for their holidays…….

Ahh. Think I can see a fault in my theory for staying at home! I suppose our ”gang” can always hire one of the villas or apartments? We could moor in Latchi – or in Coral Bay if the Marina ever comes off – and all would be well – except for the small matter of a fractured knee at the moment which will delay plans at least, say 8 weeks then with 2 years ”physio?”……

If you love life on the land and the sea, email to us for information about villas and apartments within easy distance of great marinas, where you can hire a boat/enjoy a sunset cruise or simply party!


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