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1st January 2010

Life, new life and other strange events!

Eamonn was 50 yesterday: Congratulations you old thing!! (only joking, Tony is there is a couple of weeks!). We’ve known Eamonn since moving here and he is lovely: last night, he gathered friends and colleagues together for a “bit of a do” at the Neptune Hotel and we partied to do him proud………especially a 70 year old male gatecrasher who chose to dance with all of the ladies present, taking a particular fancy to one of the Eamonns radio colleagues!

There is something very strange about watching grown people dancing: I’d been talking to another friend, Karen, a little earlier last night, about Otto, the Orangutan we’ve adopted – and I’ve got to say, some of the movements on the dance floor brought him back to mind! Dancing is a very personal thing: and , trust me, in some instances, it should stay that way!

The night was made for me by Jan and Steve, who’ve just become grandparents to baby James, now 6 weeks old. Jan is (rightly) totally besotted and was glowing in a way only new, happy grandmums can: she looked gorgeous and we nattered about important matters like baby clothes and James’ hair. Steve was trying to be cool and pretend he wasn’t impressed at all but the sparkle in his eye said differently!

James, living in Hull, has a daddy who is mad about motor racing and a granddad who is just mad AND supports Hull City! Poor little mite is going to be dragged between the two sports from now till he can tell them both to stop! James even has a proper racing driver baby seat, complete with steering wheel.

All in all, it was a fun night, filled with many of the local characters we live around and some unexpected visitors too! Eamonn had a ball, which is the most important thing and football was discussed/replayed and “managed ” by many of the men there . Hull City was also talked about!

Today is another day…… to meet the villa guests!

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