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8th July 2012

Life, love and animals………..

Jake had another ‘episode’ last night: not as horrible as the first one but scary all the same, especially as it happened in his sleep and poor beast was very distressed.

Luckily, Molly heard him and woke me up, so I woke Tony and we were able to go to comfort him and sit with him till he was calm enough to be bathed and tired enough to sleep again…………

I went to see Annie and Nikolas at the vets to tell them and ask if Jakes blood tests were in and bumped into Jean, a lady I know from yoga, who was there with her beautiful cat

Sadly, the cat, aged 19 , had been brought in to be put to sleep and Jean was heartbroken – but embarrassed when she saw me there , apologising to me for being so upset.

‘Sorry’, she said, ‘this is so silly’.

No, its not silly. Love is EVERYTHING and that little pussy cat was very lucky to be so loved…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News