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29th January 2016

Life in the air….

As January begins to draw to a close, I’ve been thinking about how some days and weeks just, ‘rush by’ without anything too obvious seeming to happen in them – and others, are filled with new and interesting people, happenings and ‘incidents’. You cannot plan them though maybe we ‘influence’ them on some level but this has been a week filled with ‘stuff’ and brain food – and I’ve only managed to stay awake for 3 of the 7 days so far, due to  being mowed down by the worlds worst flu bug!

The wedding weeds are flourishing on the dry hillside and will be closely followed by the poppies, so the hill will turn from a deep green to a green/red hue and look amazing. Our garden is ‘smiling with the warmth of the fire red ‘lipstick plants’ and the pretty yellow of the clutch of Honestly, just in front of our window. So lovely!

Equally lovely has been meeting a couple of people who have lived in and around the village for years but our paths hadn’t crossed till this week. One, a lady who ran a similar business to ours, touched my heart with her compassion and calm and I’m so glad to have met her. Another two ladies, a ‘new couple!’, much to Tonys discomfort and my joy, were full of fun and information about recipes we’d never heard of! Young and vibrant, they made me feel ancient BUT I wanted to feed on their enthusiasm and ‘get out there again’ – though maybe without the cabbage patties!

We welcomed an ex member of our team and his lovely wife to our home for a catch up and few good glasses of wine – and it was just great to talk and share stories etc

Life is a living thing, that’s for sure. Though I still feel like ‘death warmed up’, my soul is dancing and eager to get ‘stuck back into’ the day to day ebb and flow of everything and anything. Bring it on I say!

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The photo shows one of the ‘smiling’ lipstick plants!

photo december garden