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1st January 2010

life in a villa

We’ve just said a sad goodbye to Els and Andy at the airport. I hate it when friends leave: it seems to leave a ‘hole’ in our home which should be filled with them – but the memories we’ve made always leave a sort of ‘music’ in the air: a vibration of smiles, fun and good times shared – and I love that!!

I also hate when customers leave villas. I get very emotional (sad, or what) and want to give them all a hug! Some mind, some don’t – but I really shouldn’t

Just want everyone who comes here, to love the place as much as we do. The villas and apartments we represent are stunning: I’m so proud to look after them and so pleased to welcome guests to them…..maybe I care too much but I figure a holiday is a precious thing and should be respected!

Not that we respected Andy and Els holiday: we’ve totally been ‘in their faces’ and they’ve had the good grace to enjoy the whole adventure!

There is a whole lot of life in our villa home and in the properties we rent for holidays. Its like walking into a story and the arriving guests are the new chapter…..

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Category: Cyprus Villas News