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4th April 2018

Life is what happens when you are making other plans….

It’s the most beautiful day here in Peyia. 26 degree heat and wall to wall clear blue skies and stunning blue seas.

Living here, it would be so very easy to take for granted, the natural, incredible world of nature which surrounds us, governed over by the giving sunshine and warmth of the area in general – but we try not to.

In recent weeks, life has done what is does and showed it’s power in term  of being ”in control”, even when you believe it’s you who are driving…..

My precious ”middle ” sister, a beautiful soul; mum of three and grandmother to four, is terminally ill. She is living ”out loud” at the moment, showing the grace and dignity that many in her position do – while those of us who love her, are screaming inside, wanting things to be different and praying for miracles.

We are trying to support the most special of friends, whose grandson, aged 4, is so very ill but who we believe will pull through – while they also pray for their brother in law who is very ill too.

Another close friend, is holding on tight to her son, as he battles cancer and, as a new father, is needed so very much by his young wife…….. it’s all so very sad.

Then suddenly, Tony, my gorgeous husband, has had a very close shave with dangerously high blood pressure and related problems , so is now under hospital care and having to re-evaluate his life and how he lives it…… And how lucky are we that he has this opportunity? The alternative, I cannot think about.

So , in brief, life is happening – as it is to so very many people , known and unknown. The lesson? Live. Every Moment. Every Day. And love LOUDLY and with courage and consistency.

No links today to holidays or villas. It’s all too serious for that – but remember to take time out and look after yourself, holding those you love, as close as you possibly can .


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